OFS is your full-service exterior maintenance provider

Oklahoma Facility Services offers landscaping and exterior maintenance for the commercial and industrial sectors of Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma. From lawn care to street sweeping, irrigation maintenance to snow and ice removal, locally-owned OFS is a trusted source for year round grounds and property maintenance.

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Superior Commercial Lot Maintenance

Ensuring the safety of customers and employees and keeping your property's exterior gorgeous all year round. That's what we do at Oklahoma Facility Services. OFS is ready to maintain your building's curb appeal with a full line of services such as pressure washing, street sweeping and snow and ice removal. 

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Commercial Lot Beautification and management

Whether it's just one aspect of your landscaping plan or the complete management of your lawn and plants, Oklahoma Facility Services achieves beautiful results and our team is professional and knowledgeable. OFS is ready to care for your green spaces throughout the year and has solutions for every season. 

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Professional Commercial Building Maintenance and Beautification 

What does it mean to have curb appeal? At Oklahoma Facility Services, it means creating the immediate impression of a welcoming, well-cared-for property. A property that retains its value as well as a high occupancy rate and one that is preferred by customers and employees alike. That's curb appeal! And that's what we're proud to offer our clients.

Peace of Mind

Let OFS take care of the outside of your property, so you can focus on the inside.

Year-Round Care

OFS ensures your property's paved areas and green spaces are maintained consistently and reliably no matter the season.

Taking Safety Seriously

Our services are designed to keep your property free of potential hazards allowing you to focus on your business and not your building.

Oklahoma’s Full-Service Landscape and Exterior Maintenance Specialists

At Oklahoma Facility Services, we listen to your needs and provide knowledgeable service solutions for your property's lawn care and external maintenance. We offer a broad range of applications designed to enhance and manage the grounds, paved areas and exteriors of commercial and industrial properties.

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