Professional Lawn Treatment and Spraying Services

Let OFS put together a fertilization and weed treatment plan to keep your lawn growing beautifully.

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Weed Control

Weeds have a way of creeping in. The right treatment from OFS will stop unwanted growth in their tracks.

Nutrient Boost

You'll be rewarded year round when you add essential nutrients to your soil.

Customized Plan

No two lawns are alike. We create the fertilization and treatment plan right for your lawn's unique needs.

Save Water

Proper lawn management helps retain moisture in the soil, reducing evaporation and stressful fluctuations in temperature.

Prevent Soil Erosion

Don't lose vital nutrients. Regular lawn maintenance keeps soil in place longer so your grass and plants stay healthier longer.


Lawn Treatment Services

Supplementing your property's lawn with fertilizer encourages optimal growth while preventing weeds from creeping in. Oklahoma Facility Services offers fertilization options that will keep your site's landscape beautiful, healthy and weed free. The OFS team of lawn care professionals are experienced in tailoring fertilization plans to address the varying needs of the soil, trees and other plants. Let OFS assess the soil and other site factors and create a plan that provides the correct nutrients for your unique landscape as well as that prevents the weeds from moving in on your turf.  

Fall is one of the best times of the year for augmenting your landscape with fertilizer. Nutrients incorporated into the soil in the fall will be visible with a vibrant growth the following spring. In addition, an application of fertilizer applied in early spring can keep the soil in the right ph balance as well as provide nutrients to the plants long into the summer months. Set up a fertilization plan with OFS and we'll keep your lawn, trees and plants growing strong (and without a weed in sight!) all year long.

Customized plans can include,

  • Fertilizing - Give your green space the nutrients it needs to thrive through customized plans based on your grass type and sun exposure.
  • Mulching - Save water, prevent weeds, and prevent soil erosion in your green spaces with regular mulch management.
  • Seeding - Regular seedings with hiqh quality product and care will have your lawn looking great through the growing season.
  • Aerating - Provide your turf the oxygen it needs to have a thriving ecosystem allowing proper decomposition of clippings and thriving growth.

Lawn Treatment Services


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