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Take clean to the next level. OFS is ready to brighten your property's appearance with a thorough pressure washing.

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Maintain Curb Appeal

Set up regular cleanings with OFS and we'll keep your curb appeal strong all year long. 

Equipped for All Surfaces

Whether its brick, fencing, concrete or stone, pressure washing can restore your exterior to its original beauty. Who wants gum on their sidewalks?


Pressure Washing

Time takes its toll on building exteriors, inevitably leaving them dirty, moldy, grimy or graffitied. When the time comes to deep clean your location, Oklahoma Facility Services has the technical expertise as well as the most up-to-date pressure washing rigs and equipment to make your exterior sparkle like new again. 

Regular pressure washing is the right solution for maintaining a beautifully clean exterior with top-notch curb appeal, but it also has other equally valuable benefits for property owners. Pressure washing is one of the best ways to remove old or unwanted paint from walls and other surfaces. It's also one of the safest and most effective ways to clean up a job site. In fact, pressure washing is a smart solution for cleaning many exterior elements like benches, awnings, sidewalks or dumpster areas.

Oklahoma Facility Services takes on projects of all sizes, from large scale operations such as warehouse spaces and factories to smaller jobs like store fronts. No matter the size of the job, Oklahoma Facility Services applies the same amount of professionalism and the same amount of elbow grease. Call us when you need us for a one-time job, or set up a schedule for regular cleanings. Oklahoma Facility Services is ready to ensure your property stays clean, safe and free of debris through all four seasons. 

Pressure Washing


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